Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns falls under the category of the religious bands that is popular for its contemporary and Christian Rock. The popular band was started in 1999 by Mark Hall, who is the lead vocalist. The band was initially situated at the First Baptist Church in Downtown and was later moved to the Stockbridge in Georgia as the band expanded.

History of the band

The band was initially built for student worship in 1999, which was led by a youth pastor Mark Hall. He was the band’s songwriter as well as a lead vocalist. They released independent CD’s which was well received in the Atlanta area. Initially, the group/band many awards like the GMA regional songwriters completion for both the best artist and best song in 2004.

Although the band was initially built to spread the catholic awareness, it soon gained popularity when it was the first band or artist who was signed for the Beach Street records. The album increased the popularity of the band and eventually they became the fastest-selling music in the history of Christian music. Their third single named ‘Voice of the Truth’ was another hit in 2003. It was also in  the trailer of the super hit movie Facing the Giants.


The success of the band

From 2003 onwards, the band only received success and was also a part of various international nominations and awards. Some of the achievements include

  • Gold certification for the song ‘Who Am I’ in 2011.
  • Lifesong which was listed at the 9th position on the Billboard Top 200, after spending a whole nine weeks on the chart
  • The album won the Grammy’s in 2006
  • The third studio album ‘The Altar and the Door’ was at the 2nd position on the Billboard chart and also at the number one position on the Hot Christian Albums chart in 2007.
  • The sound ‘Altar and the Door’ broke all records in 2007 hence it was on the top a whole sixteen weeks.

Recent news

The band gained so much popularity that it was the inky American bands that were invited to North Korea in 2009, after visiting once in 2007. Two years hence, they released their fourth album ‘Until the Whole World Hears’ which was again cast at the fourth position on the Billboard 200, setting a new record of the highest sold musical copies in the Christian history of music.

They won the Dove Award in 2010, and their highest hit Until the Whole World hears was also posted on their Youtube channel on August 23 2010. In 2001, their track ‘Glorious Day’ scored the top position on the Billboard Christian songs in April. Since then, the band has given the world popular hits on the billboard and also breaking records in the Christian history of bands and albums. Their latest album was in 2019 – ‘Only Jesus’, ’Nobody’ and ‘In the hands of the Potter’, all featuring Matthew West. Overall, the band has only seen success in their music career.


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