The Music Box

A famous Christian singer and songwriter, Lauren Daigle, was born on September 9th, 1991. Maybe next year we should send her a birthday banner with a photo collage of her album covers?! From the time of her journey in Christian music, she has flown to the top and hasn’t looked back ever since. She first appeared in the American Idol and realized God had a plan for her in the Christian music industry. Her passion for singing and Christian music has gained her both Christian and non-Christian fan. Let’s know some interesting facts about Lauren Daigle.

Lauren Daigle’s illness

The Christian artist shares her story of an illness that she was bedridden and extremely sick with Cytomegalovirus, which is an autoimmune deficiency at the age of 15, which resulted in her missing two to three years of her high school life. She also shares that it was during this time she realized her seeking for God.


Self Proclaimed Foodie

Being raised in Louisiana, she is an all heart for spicy food and also claims that she loves to cook. She happily shares her love for food in almost all her interviews. Her most favourite ones are Cajun BBQ glazed shrimp, fish tacos and Bourbon chocolate chip pie.

Adrenaline Junkie

She’s an adrenalin junkie, which means she shows interest and loves everything adventures under the sun, or even above it! From cliff jumping to motorcycles, she’s in for fun for whatever you throw at the singer. She’s not just a singer of Christian values but also an extrovert ho loves to try new hobbies.

First song

After finding her passion for music at the age of five, she claims that her first song was on Chocolate milk. It started when her mom encouraged the little girl to write a book (full of paintings) on the appearance of the mud impersonated as chocolate in the rainy season.

Her inspiration

Lauren was aware of the tone and texture of her voice and also knew that it did not fit the typical music industry norms. Hence, she was inspired by the ones that had a husky and smoky voice like hers, like Adele, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston.

Lauren Daigle

The Music Box

Lauren’s childhood home, where she lived at that time and practised her music, was nicknamed the music box because she kept singing non-stop at the house. She was an open singer from childhood and never hesitated to lift her voice. The name was given by her mother, who exclaimed  that the singer used to walk around the house always singing or humming tunes.

The big break

Before joining the music industry and got famous, she was a leader at the choir in the university. Despite being eliminated from the popular show American Idol, she made her singing career in Hollywood in 2012. She achieved her break when she filled in for a singer who fell ill. This led the artist to perform for ‘Nothing is Wasted’, immediately after which she was signed to the Centricity Music label in the year 2013.


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