How religion music continues to impact the music scene today


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How religion music continues to impact the music scene today

Religion music

Music and religion are two important things in life. They have their uses, and in various instances are intertwined with each other. They play a major part in our lives. When we talk about music, religion plays an important part. The religious songs build the community, promote praise to a higher power, and abstain from any promotion of violence.

Religion on Music:

To understand, and connect to music is one of the features of humanity. No matter what language you speak, you can understand it. This is the beauty of music. The religious practices all around the world continue to be observed through the music. Musicians get influenced by music. There are other genres of music where rappers use religion to invoke sense in people. In Rap music, various songs promote praise in a higher power and use verses from the bible. Apart from that, the choir vocals, harmonies, and swoons are examples of religious music in modern songs. You can call it an intersection between religion, and rap. Other songs use the theme of religion very well also. Take the example of Blessings by Chance the rapper. You can see that the song also relies on liturgical instruments, besides choir.

Religion on Music

Country Music:

This is rooted in the Bible belt. The country music is known to everyone to promote basic Christian values. There are many artists from this genre that come to mind when you talk about the integration of religion with music. Artists like Carrie Underwood are one such example. Country music is known for the perfect use of religion and integrates it with music. Furthermore, the artists have become very popular using such themes as it has appealed to wide demographics. Other genres also use the theme of religion. They may not use it directly, but genre like conscious rap and some reggae artists have promoted universal compassion and brotherhood. They promote the belief in a higher being and have been quite popular with it.

Country Music


Not just our lives, but religion will continue to play a role in the music industry. However, the way its success is measured is different. You don’t look at the Grammy or nominations, but the way it encourages people for participation, and thanksgiving. This is the lifelong achievement of it. The basic purpose of this music is to form solidarity with each other through participation, reflect on the world, and connect with a higher power. Religious music allows us the opportunity to connect with our inner selves and shape our lives in a good way.


Religion continues to shape our lives. It’s not just the music industry but all other industries where artists are influenced by religion, but in the music industry, it is a basic theme. It has been there, and if you mention every religion, you will find traces of it because music has been influencing our lives and cultures for so many centuries.

Biography on Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns falls under the category of the religious bands that is popular for its contemporary and Christian Rock. The popular band was started in 1999 by Mark Hall, who is the lead vocalist. The band was initially situated at the First Baptist Church in Downtown and was later moved to the Stockbridge in Georgia as the band expanded.

History of the band

The band was initially built for student worship in 1999, which was led by a youth pastor Mark Hall. He was the band’s songwriter as well as a lead vocalist. They released independent CD’s which was well received in the Atlanta area. Initially, the group/band many awards like the GMA regional songwriters completion for both the best artist and best song in 2004.

Although the band was initially built to spread the catholic awareness, it soon gained popularity when it was the first band or artist who was signed for the Beach Street records. The album increased the popularity of the band and eventually they became the fastest-selling music in the history of Christian music. Their third single named ‘Voice of the Truth’ was another hit in 2003. It was also in  the trailer of the super hit movie Facing the Giants.


The success of the band

From 2003 onwards, the band only received success and was also a part of various international nominations and awards. Some of the achievements include

  • Gold certification for the song ‘Who Am I’ in 2011.
  • Lifesong which was listed at the 9th position on the Billboard Top 200, after spending a whole nine weeks on the chart
  • The album won the Grammy’s in 2006
  • The third studio album ‘The Altar and the Door’ was at the 2nd position on the Billboard chart and also at the number one position on the Hot Christian Albums chart in 2007.
  • The sound ‘Altar and the Door’ broke all records in 2007 hence it was on the top a whole sixteen weeks.

Recent news

The band gained so much popularity that it was the inky American bands that were invited to North Korea in 2009, after visiting once in 2007. Two years hence, they released their fourth album ‘Until the Whole World Hears’ which was again cast at the fourth position on the Billboard 200, setting a new record of the highest sold musical copies in the Christian history of music.

They won the Dove Award in 2010, and their highest hit Until the Whole World hears was also posted on their Youtube channel on August 23 2010. In 2001, their track ‘Glorious Day’ scored the top position on the Billboard Christian songs in April. Since then, the band has given the world popular hits on the billboard and also breaking records in the Christian history of bands and albums. Their latest album was in 2019 – ‘Only Jesus’, ’Nobody’ and ‘In the hands of the Potter’, all featuring Matthew West. Overall, the band has only seen success in their music career.


Facts you didn’t know about Lauren Daigle – Birthday, Interests and more

The Music Box

A famous Christian singer and songwriter, Lauren Daigle, was born on September 9th, 1991. Maybe next year we should send her a birthday banner with a photo collage of her album covers?! From the time of her journey in Christian music, she has flown to the top and hasn’t looked back ever since. She first appeared in the American Idol and realized God had a plan for her in the Christian music industry. Her passion for singing and Christian music has gained her both Christian and non-Christian fan. Let’s know some interesting facts about Lauren Daigle.

Lauren Daigle’s illness

The Christian artist shares her story of an illness that she was bedridden and extremely sick with Cytomegalovirus, which is an autoimmune deficiency at the age of 15, which resulted in her missing two to three years of her high school life. She also shares that it was during this time she realized her seeking for God.


Self Proclaimed Foodie

Being raised in Louisiana, she is an all heart for spicy food and also claims that she loves to cook. She happily shares her love for food in almost all her interviews. Her most favourite ones are Cajun BBQ glazed shrimp, fish tacos and Bourbon chocolate chip pie.

Adrenaline Junkie

She’s an adrenalin junkie, which means she shows interest and loves everything adventures under the sun, or even above it! From cliff jumping to motorcycles, she’s in for fun for whatever you throw at the singer. She’s not just a singer of Christian values but also an extrovert ho loves to try new hobbies.

First song

After finding her passion for music at the age of five, she claims that her first song was on Chocolate milk. It started when her mom encouraged the little girl to write a book (full of paintings) on the appearance of the mud impersonated as chocolate in the rainy season.

Her inspiration

Lauren was aware of the tone and texture of her voice and also knew that it did not fit the typical music industry norms. Hence, she was inspired by the ones that had a husky and smoky voice like hers, like Adele, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston.

Lauren Daigle

The Music Box

Lauren’s childhood home, where she lived at that time and practised her music, was nicknamed the music box because she kept singing non-stop at the house. She was an open singer from childhood and never hesitated to lift her voice. The name was given by her mother, who exclaimed  that the singer used to walk around the house always singing or humming tunes.

The big break

Before joining the music industry and got famous, she was a leader at the choir in the university. Despite being eliminated from the popular show American Idol, she made her singing career in Hollywood in 2012. She achieved her break when she filled in for a singer who fell ill. This led the artist to perform for ‘Nothing is Wasted’, immediately after which she was signed to the Centricity Music label in the year 2013.


Top Kanye West’s Solo Albums

Kanye West

The name Kanye West is all over the news in recent times, not only for his fashion and the release of the latest album but also for his political decisions. For anyone who is still not familiar with the name, Kanye West is an American rapper, fashion designer and song producer who was born on June 8th, 1977. He Is popular for his famous genres in music like Hip hop, soul, industrial, gospel, indie, electro and many more. Here are some of the famous and the top albums released by the singer/ rapper. Check them out!

Jesus is King (2019)

It is no surprise that West’s latest album Jesus is King is an exceptional one and is the latest in his collections. However, some critics say that it is one of his boring works and the songs sound like the ones people used to hear in the mid-2000s.

Ye (2018)

Ye (2018)

When compared to the latest songs and albums, it is a little less obnoxious, maybe because the duration of these songs are shorter. This album also offers some exceptional god songs like “No Mistakes“, “Yikes” and “Ghost Towns“. However, with seven songs, the album is considered exhausting.

The Life of Pablo (2016)

The release of this album included a map in the recording album, and he also hosted a listening party at the Madison Square in 2016, even when the album wasn’t already finished. With 20 songs in the album, it involves a good kickstart again to his rap career. Sons from the album like “Famous” are received well by the audiences and fans.

Yeezus (2013)

It is not an album for all the hip-hop heads out there. Some of the fans and critics consider this album to be one of West’s exceptional and daring works. However, it’s always a shame because his lyrical content never measures up to the expectations of the fans and the industry.

Graduation (2007)

The album provides nostalgic vibes that inspire anyone for a more significant aesthetic of lifestyle and the songs in this album are familiar to anyone who has attended Kayne’s concerts before. The album features rappers like Jay Z who make the songs a hit.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010)

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010)

The album introduces a wonderland of delights, which was released in 2010 featuring Nicki Minaj. Some o the fans consider this to be the most significant criticism of Kanye’s songs and albums, while the other finds the song to be a little prolonged. However, some of the musical critics comment the West for trying to create something like the Beatles or the Pink Floyd by creating MBDTF. According to Scott-Heron’s analysis, Wet is saying something about his triumphs, struggles and a lot about himself as the African American soul.

808s & Heartbreak (2008)

Despite being considered under the umbrella of his weaker albums, they’re still rather influential, and it’s easy to say why. Due to the releases of songs like “Paranoid“, “Street Lights“, “Heartless“, have stolen the hearts of many.